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Fast, gentle to hair, universally applicable - hairtalk extensions Ideal for hair extension and hair thickening

Beautiful, long hair in natural shades and with fascinating reflections. With hairtalk extensions this hair dream comes true! Professional, specially trained hairtalk partner salons use the hairtalk extensions in less than an hour. The ultra-flat adhesive strips are only 3 cm wide and 7 mm high. They are attached to your own hair and provide hair in three different standard lengths (25 cm, 40 cm and 55 cm) and 28 natural hair colors, fullness and length.

According to the wishes of the wearer and the creativity and inspiration of the hairdresser, natural hair and hairtalk extensions can be styled as desired.

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Extensions of first-class quality

hairtalk extensions as comfortable to wear, as if they would be original hair. The reason is clear: these hair extension and hair thickenings are made of 100% Remi-hair und blend in perfectly with the structure and color of the own hair. With the right care products, hairtalk extensions can be reused several times.




The hairtalk effect - before and after

 before after

before after2

before after4



How are hairtalk extensions produced?

To protect the hair structure from the outset and maintain its natural look, the hair is tied to the plait and cut off as such. This preserves the natural growth direction and an intact cuticle layer. In the further production steps, the strands are processed particularly gently and carefully. This ensures that the hairtalk extensions retain their natural shine and elasticity and do not become matted.

Which hair color does hairtalk extensions match?

The hairtalk extensions are applied one strand at a time. Thanks to this so-called sandwich method it is possible to imitate almost every color of the natural hair in a natural look. Special lengths and special color requests can be ordered on request at any time via hairtalk partner salons.

hairtalk extensions - Lenghts
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