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hairtalk extensions silver

Beauty statement - gray hair



hairtalk extensions pro - invisible extensions, obvious effects

With hairtalk extensions pro, a revolutionary further development of the previous hairtalk tape extensions is coming onto the market: with their minimal, hair-free adhesive area hairtalk pro's are the perfect complement to the hairtalk standard and hairtalk plus extensions. The high-quality, patented Remi-human hair strands fulfill women in no time the dream of beautiful, voluminous hair

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The hairtalk effect - before and after

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Specially developed for the hairline - hairtalk extensions pro with attachment color

No matter whether more volume, maximum length or just colored accents in the hair: The hairtalk pro extensions, which are so far unique on the market, transform thin hair into a strong mane - and that almost invisible and absolutely gentle for the own hair. The 3 cm wide tapes are barely noticeable and ensure a comfortable fit. Whether it is a high-set braid or a hairstyle, there are no restrictions regarding the styling. The patented cold glue technique protects the own hair and can even support its growth. Within a few minutes, the strands are attached into the own hair in a sandwich process and an invisible result is assured both in the contour and at the back of the head. Whether as a standard color or root color, the hairtalk Human Hair Extensions provide an exceptionally natural look. The natural ombre tones of hairtalk colormelts pro enable dyeing without the use of chemicals. The own hair connects always perfectly without transition as well as color-wise and structurally with the hairtalk extensions pro.

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