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hairtalk shampoo

While conventional shampoos particularly serve the needs of the scalp, hairtalk shampoo has been specially developed for extensions. It contains a particularly small combination of oils and alcohols, nourishes the hair with moisture and nutrients and thus maintains the healthy structure of real hair extensions.





hairtalk balm

hairtalk balm is worked into the wet hair after washing, so that the hair can absorb the care substances deep into the hair during drying. The hair is thus moisturised all around and looks shiny, healthy and cared for after blow-drying at medium heat.



hairtalk conditioner

hairtalk conditioner cares for the hair deeply effectively, and moisturises and repairs brittle areas in the hair. The structure-improving spray emulsion spreads like a protective coat around the natural hair as well as over the extensions which are particularly in need of care. The hair becomes silky soft, supple and shiny and healthy.





hairtalk detangler

Easy combing without tearing and breaking off hair: no problem with hairtalk detangler. Applied after washing, it makes hair and extensions easy to comb and smooth and lets the hairbrush glide almost effortlessly through the hair.



hairtalk hairtip fluid

Sensitive hair tips can easily be damaged, break off and become split. To protect damaged hair ends from further damage you can apply the hairtalk hair tip fluid. The serum is specially developed for damaged hair ends and prevents the further spread of damage.





hairtalk repair cream

hairtalk repair cream gives stressed hair tips an extra dose of care. Combined with the hairtalk hair tip fluid it gives hair and extensions a healthy shine right up to the tips!

hairtalk brush

The hairtalk brush consists of a combination of short natural bristles and longer plastic bristles. Together they ensure simple combability of the extensions - even without interlocking across the joints.



Care specially developed for extensions - hairtalk care extensions These hairtalk care products are ideal for your extensions

For a natural, impressive look with unobtrusive extensions, the right hair care is especially important. The care needs of hair extensions differ slightly from those of your own hair. The right care products with a large amount of moisture ensure good combability and healthy, shiny hair.

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Are hairtalk extensions easy to take care of?

Extensions are not directly connected to the scalp and therefor not provided moisture and nutrients from the body. Extensions need a lot of moisture from the right hair care. hairtalk extensions are made of 100% Remi-hair and have best quality. The hairtalk hair care products keep the hairtalk extensions silky. shiny and healthy to make sure you enjoy wearing your hairtalk extensions and your hair thickening as long as possible.



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