hairtalk donates € 50,000 for school project in Eastern Tibet

“We are grateful for the last 30 years and want to share our happiness with people who suffer want and hardship”.

This was the motivation that prompted hairtalk GmbH’s management to donate € 50,000 for an aid project on occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company. After having looked into several internationally active aid organisations, the decision to support the aid organisation Infinite Compassion Deutschland e.V. was made in July 2015. At Infinite Compassion, all employees work voluntarily, which ensures that almost 100% of the donation funds arrive where they belong.

An aid project for children in one of the poorest regions of the world – the construction of a school in Eastern Tibet – was selected as a joint project.



Teaching, living and residential space for 75 children

The construction of the school that is now ready for occupancy just in time for the cold season commenced in July 2015. The school has three classrooms, two bedrooms and a kitchen. It offers space for lessons and accommodation for up to 75 children.

Sabine Teuber, managing director of Infinite Compassion, is delighted: “The irregular instruction outdoors and on the floors of the monastery is finally a thing of the past! We are very happy that we were able to build this school and can offer the children the luxury of classrooms, school benches and dormitories – something that is an absolute matter of course from our European perspective.”

Oliver Schneck, business director and managing partner of hairtalk GmbH, is also pleased with the joint implementation of the project: “Sound education is the basis for a relatively care-free life, and we are very pleased that we are taking a step towards a positive future for many generations of students.” Günter Alex, managing partner and head of product development: “I travel to different Asian countries several times a year and I am aware of the living conditions there. It is therefore my intention to support Infinite Compassion, as children are always the most disadvantaged in a society. I am sure we can help in the long term with our donation.”



Impressions of the school construction

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