hairtalk extensions mini

Smaller interfaces for even more flexibility– hairtalk extensions mini


hairtalk extensions mini - specially developed for the upper head and temp area

The new hairtalk extensions mini offer even more flexibility due to the smaller connecting surfaces: the 1 cm wide strings are mainly used in the upper head area. Particularly in the area of the temples and in the top row, they ensure that plug-in and high-level breasts are even easier to achieve. Due to the springy weight of the 25 and 40 cm long extensions, the minis can not be felt even with sensitive scalp and do not wear. Extremely inconspicuous are hairtalk extensions plus mini, which produce an optically natural growth direction through the production in pure manual work: every single hair is cut through the adhesive strip to allow even more naturalness. So that the hair extension of each woman remains a mystery and dreamy can become a reality!