the original tape extensions system – hairtalk extensions

Why you should choose the original hairtalk tape extensions system…

Until recently hair extensions could only be applied using heat, ultrasound or metal which often caused damage to natural hair. However, hairtalk extensions work by using a unique taping technique, the so-called ‘sandwich method’ and extensions are incorporated in less than an hour.  With the sandwich method, the natural hair is taped between two hairtalk extensions strands resulting in an invisible hair extension with flat connections that blends perfectly with your natural hair. The old-style extensions could also be painful when lying down. This is no longer an issue. After wearing the extensions for two to three months, they can be detached without any complications by certified hairdressers and a special spray, and reattached to the new hairline.


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Overview of advantages of the original hairtalk tape extensions system:

  • 100% Remi real hair quality
  • complete hair extension in less than one hour
  • gentle to your hair, does not cause breakages
  • flat connections with no pressure
  • available in any natural hair colour
  • developed for hair extension and hair thickening
  • re-usable several times
  • unique, patented and proven taping technique
  • can be applied and removed without technical aids
  • exclusively available via the specialised hairdressers’ trade


hairtalk extensions are currently available as:

  • hairtalk extensions – the extension technique that is gentle to your hair
  • hairtalk extensions plus – particularly invisible in the upper head area
  • hairtalk extensions plus with line colours – developed specially for the hairline
  • hairtalk extensions fun – permanent, eye-catching colour accents
  • hairtalk extensive – fashion effects for special occasions
  • hairtalk hairwear – the invisible solution for hair loss in the upper head area



the hair extension that is gentle to your hair – hairtalk extensions


Gentle to your hair, immediate application, individual – the perfect extension with hairtalk extensions

The ultra-thin, 3cm wide and 7mm thick adhesive strips with high-quality 100% Remi real hair are applied within less than one hour by specially trained hairdressers. They are available in three different standard lengths (25cm, 40cm and 55cm) and 28 natural hair colours. Using the so-called sandwich method (strands are attached on top of each other) it is possible to match any natural hair colour. Special lengths and hair colours can be ordered by request at any time via certified specialised dealers.









particularly invisible in the upper head area – hairtalk extensions plus


hairtalk extensions plus are even more inconspicuous than hairtalk extensions and elaborately handmade.

hairtalk extensions plus is used especially in the upper head and temples, as hair extensions must be particularly invisible in these critical thin-hair regions. Of course, hairtalk extensions can still be used for less problematic areas of the head. With the patented and exclusive hairtalk method, every individual hair is manually woven into a transparent adhesive strip resulting in a natural “growth direction” of the hair. Using this innovative technique, which is available in 28 natural hair colours, the hair extension blends invisibly with your natural hair.








developed specially for the hairline – hairtalk extensions plus with line colours


Completely invisible, even at the hairline – this is what the ideal hair extension should look like.

Joints and transition to natural hair cannot be seen – with hairtalk extensions plus with line colours, that can be easily ensured. The strands are similar to the Ombré look with a subtle gradient from dark to bright and are handmade. During processing, every individual hair is woven in by hand ensuring a natural “growth direction” of the hair. This innovative technique guarantees that the hair extension is attached to your hair virtually invisibly. hairtalk extensions plus with line colour is available in 5 natural colour combinations.








permanent, beautiful colour accents – hairtalk extensions fun


hairtalk extensions fun consists of an innovative blend of real hair and heat-resistant synthetic fibre.

Thanks to the real hair elements the strands appear particularly natural, colour-fast and are designed for longer wearing periods.

Styling with flat iron and hair dryer is possible without any problems. The 40cm extensions can re-applied several times thanks to the ingenious technique.

hairtalk extensions fun is available in 8 trendy colours.