hairtalk extensions mini


hairtalk extensions mini

As light as a feather. Almost invisible. Incomparably comfortable.



Smaller connection surfaces for even more flexibility - hairtalk extensions mini Specially developed for the top of the head and temple area

Even more flexible, even more inconspicuous, ideal for the top of the head: the connection surfaces of the new hairtalk extensions mini are only 1 cm wide. This makes the hair extension disappear into your own hair as if by magic and offers a free hand for creative updos and high hairstyles.

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hairtalk extensions mini for inconspicuous hair extension

Overwhelming effects, hardly noticeable weight: hairtalk extensions mini are still as light as a feather with a length of 25 cm or 40 cm. Even sensitive scalp does not feel any stress from the extensions. Thanks to their manual production, they blend inconspicuously into the natural hair structure. Every single hair is carefully pricked through the medically tested adhesive strips. Thus dream manes become reality

The hairtalk effect - before and after

 before after

before after2

before after4




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