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Extensions with unique wearing comfort and invisible transitions

Full, voluminous hair underlines the individual beauty, offers many possibilities for perfect styling and gives the wearer a better attitude to life. With hairtalk extensions, long, healthy hair is no longer an unattainable dream. The unique adhesive system blends seamlessly into the natural hair, the transitions are hardly noticeable. It’s a kind of hair-magic. Official site HairTalk in Cyprus and Greece

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Hair extension - as fast and easy as never before

For years hairtalk has been the leading brand for tape-extensions on the world market. As pioneer of this method for hair extension and hair thickening we know exactly what's important. Therefore, our hairtalk Tape Extensions System is incredibly gentle on the hair, remarkably comfortable and it is used only by professional hairstylists in our hairtalk partner salons.

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What do I have to consider with hairtalk extensions?

Due to the special hairtalk Tape Extensions System, hairtalk extensions are not visible as hair extensions or thickening. When stroking over them, they remain absolutely inconspicuous. The wearer is flexible - even sports and the sauna are easily possible with the hairtalk extensions. And with the appropriate care products the hair remain supple and cared for for a long time.

Can hairtalk extensions be reused?

hairtalk extensions are attached with the innovative hairtalk Tape Extensions System and can be removed painlessly and quickly without hair breakage after eight weeks with our special spray. With good care through the hairtalk care products, the hair extensions remain intact for a long time and can be simply reused at the hairline. This process can be repeated up to three times with the right care - and it makes you enjoy your hair extension or hair thickening even longer!


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With the ultra-thin tape extensions and the gentle bonding technique the arcos hair professionals created an innovation that has now become a standard feature on the hair extensions market. No matter whether hair thickening, hair extension, natural highlights or coloured, trendy accents: hairtalk extensions lends volume to your hair without visible application points and with its flexible braids ensures best wearing comfort. Official site HairTalk in Cyprus and Greece

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